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Q. How Does It Work?

The subscription box is very simple:

Select your beautifully designed tights and stockings, choose size,colour and denier

Select the frequency of delivery; remember you can pause or cancel any time

Get your tights/stockings delivered to your home / office

Divine Legs Hosiery Boxes are despatched on the 10th of every month (or nearest working day) after payment has been confirmed.

Once you have subscribed just sit back and enjoy your tights and stockings when they arrive. If you need more before your box arrives simply order a top up item or two and we will rush them to you as fast as we can.

There is no commitment so if you decide it’s not for you at any time, it’s really easy to cancel by logging into your account and following the CANCEL steps. Or phone us up – we are happy to do the cancellation for you.

There is a full money back guarantee - it you open the box and find it's not what you expected, or not what you want, simply return the entire box (with product unopened) and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Your feedback is very welcome as we are always looking for ways of improving our service and product range, so please contact us with any comments.

If you find the product to be faulty in any way, simply call / email us and we will rush you a replacement as fast as we can (you will need to return the box so we can send the faulty product back to the manufacturer).

Q. What’s in my box?

Your first delivery contains the number of pairs of tights you selected. Every month (or whichever is your choice) we deliver your beautifully designed, perfect fit and comfortable tights / stockings.

Q. What is the delivery method and how long does it take?

The delivery is 1st class mail and usually takes 1 - 2 days but you can expect your box to arrive on roughly the same day every month (it's dispatched on 10th or nearest working day). You will get an email confirming despatch of your box every month.

Q. How often will you send out my tights / stockings?

The default is monthly but you can choose whenever frequency suits you - members can choose bi-monthly or pause their subscription to get less frequent deliveries. You can pause at any time for any reason (if you go on holiday for instance).

Q. What is your refund/returns policy?

You have up to 14 days to return unopened and unused products for a full refund (that's from the date of receipt). You can return the item for any reason within that time period and get a full refund. Return postage is payable by you if you choose to return an item - this will be refunded if the product is faulty.

Q. Can I change my mind?

Here at Divine Legs we are committed to having Happy Customers. You can change the content of your box at anytime in the month - you will receive an email letting you know when the deadline for changes is.

Or if it's not for you, you can cancel your subscription at anytime using your account online or email us at hello@divinelegs.com. If you would prefer to talk to someone you can call us at 020 8088 1966.

Q. How many tights / stockings do you need?

Frequent wearer - you wear them everyday. On average a woman who wears hosiery daily will go through 6-8 pairs a month. Divine Legs offers three types of tights and stockings:

Item m6 Beauty Tights are the Anti Cellulite Secret Weapon and are incredibly hard wearing whilst also beautifully designed for comfort and smooth elegant legs. The Beauty Miracle Box has one pair, which can be machine washed without worry and should last up to 4 months.

Easy Line tights and stockings from Item m6 luxury brand are all sheer and light feeling on the legs. They are hard wearing, machine washable and ladder resistant so you should use fewer pairs. They do last longer than average tights or stockings. You can always order a top-up box if you run low. The boxes have 2 pairs.

Charnos seamless brand are more sheer and therefore less resilient - did we mention they are the most comfortable tights you will ever wear?? The box has 3 pairs.

Regular wearer - you wear them 3 out of 5 working days (you might also use knee highs). On average a woman who wears hosiery less than daily will use 3-4 pairs a month. In this case a monthly box is perfect for you. (We are hoping to add a knee-high bolt on very soon)

Occasional wearer - you wear them once a week or on special occasions. You need a less frequent delivery and every other month is going to cover you. We can send you a top-up box for any additional needs.

Q. How do I care for my tights/stockings?

Easy Line Tights and Stockings and Beauty Tights from item m6 are all machine washable at 40 degrees - it couldn't be easier. These tights and stockings do not lose their shape, though like any elastic product they should be replaced regularly (every 4-5 months) to keep the effectiveness.

Seamless tights are more delicate and it is recommended to handwash. If you are going to use the washing machine, try washing with woolies or on a delicates wash at low temperatures - it's much kinder!

It's recommended you always use a lingerie / hosiery laundry bag to stop getting all your washing tied up with your tights as well as saving your tights from snagging on hooks and eyes.

Q. What if I don't like what’s in my box?

We want to all our customers to be happy with their boxes and stay being a valued customers so Divine Legs has a 100% no quibble money back guarantee - simply return the box to us with all the products unopened and your money will be refunded. If there is a fault with a single product, just return that product and we will rush you a replacement free of charge.

Wrong size? Again send the box back to us and we will replace by return.

Opened but unused products? Provided only one pair of your tights / stockings has been opened and you return the whole box to us, we will give you a full refund / replacement (if it’s the wrong size or not what you were expecting). If you return part of the box to use we will refund you the value of the returned items.

Q. Why are your tights / stockings so good?

The company was founded as a result of my search for comfortable, perfect fit tights and stockings every time I wore them.

Talking to other savvy women made me realise that I wasn’t alone. Common buying habits seem to mean constant compromise - never enough time to test products, always buying on impulse and never really understanding what different products did. As a result do you purchase tights or stockings that don’t fit or, after one wash lost all their shape and leave you with baggy, wrinkly tights?

Any one who buys hosiery will no doubt have had the “too much choice” experience - going into any department store and being faced with the multitude of choice. Not just of denier, colour and size (which has always been a mystery to me as small never stays up and larger sizes leave me looking like Nora Batty after one wash!). I was always confused by the many price points. Can there really be that much difference between a £5 pair of tights and a £20 pair? (The answer is a big “YES” by the way!!)

Having tested many products across multiple price points, the products that worked best for my testers were distilled into this carefully curated collection.

At Divine Legs we are always testing new products and making sure we offer the best quality and value for money. Any suggestions you have would be welcome as we are always looking for great new products.

Q. Can men use your products?

Yes, we have some male customers who tend to use our larger size products as they serve the differing physiological needs of men. Men looking to smooth out their silhouette will find the beauty tights particularly effective.

Anyone looking for advice can contact us at hello@divinelegs.com and where we can we will help, even if it's to tell you our products aren’t for you. We’d rather have a happy non-customer than an unhappy ex-customer!

Q. I signed up for a first month Special Offer - what are the terms?

Your first box will come with the offer that's been advertised. Your second box will be at the listed price. Once you subscribe you will be sent details of regular offers available to subscribers only so keep an eye on your inbox! (But don’t worry we won’t bombard you with emails!)

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Not yet. Currently it’s just the U.K - but watch this space!

Size Guide

20d and 50d Tights and Stay-ups

Beauty Tights

70d Tights

Dress Size

Dress Size

Dress Size













Large +




Leg Length

For over 5’9” choose a size up

L1 up to 5’6” and L2 for 5’7” and over

For over 5’9” choose the size up

Seamless Tights



Average dress size

Up to height 5'4"

55kg / 8st 10lb


Up to height 5'4"

68kg / 10st 10lb


5'5" - 5'9"

61kg / 9st 8lb


5'5" - 5'9"

74kg / 11st 9lb


5'10" - 6'0"

63kg / 10st


Seamless tights are very stretchy and soft and will suit the leg length typical of the sizes above