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As featured at Stylist LIVE 2016!!!

October 11, 2016

As featured at Stylist LIVE 2016!!!

They think it's all over......

Divine Legs at Stylist Live 2016

And it is now! - for another year. What an amazing 4 days of fun, champagne, talks, fashion catwalks and celebrities (and by that I mean people famous for DOING something not just for having a lot of Instagram followers!)

Highlights of the Show

Before it all got started - the stand!

There were some real highlights for Divine Legs, who were at their first ever show, too. 

I met a personal hero in Mike Soutar (CEO, now Chairman of Shortlist Media and the best interviewer on the Apprentice).  Mike is a lovely man who was genuinely interested in the exhibitors and even allowed a cheeky selfie.  

I found myself sitting next to Lisa Smosarski (Stylist Editor in Chief) whilst at breakfast and she was absolutely charming, especially given it was the middle of the show.  She was looking surprisingly relaxed, which is probably as a result of her great team who had everything under control (Special mention for Alison Balshaw and Sian Davies on the Stylist team).

Caitlin Moran bought the house down with talk of cotton gussets - which lead to a great interest in Divine Legs product range!  It did prove to me that I was very much not alone in my hosiery hell before founding Divine Legs.  There is a world of pain out there for women who want to wear tights but don't want the gusset between their knees.

Cherry Healey gave a great talk and then signed her book, as did Gizzi Erskine (and many others!)

Phew and that was just day 1!

Lets not forget all the ticket holders, many of whom visited the Divine Legs stand and entered the prize draw to win a year's worth of tights!  Many a tale of hosiery hell was shared!  It was particularly flattering to hear how supportive and kind ladies were when they realised they were talking to a business in its infancy!  

Supported by Jack, Dina and Sophie, we spoke to well over 2000 attendees.  Stories and shopping secrets were shared, photos taken, directions to various talks and events (and the loo's) were given.  By Sunday 4pm, voices were croaky and feet were sore!

It was all made a great event by the Stylist team, the venue security team and the 116 pop-ups stores offering everything from mirrors to stationary, clothing to handbags and lots of food.  Real stand outs were:

  • The Chambord bar!  Being tee total myself, it was great that a non-alcoholic offering was really tasty and looked as good as the amazing cocktails;
  • The Elves on Not on the High Street.  The stand was amazing and plenty of people delivered their wish lists to Santa!
  • Jenni from Edy and Bridge, beautifully British made and designed clothes (also the stand next to Divine Legs and very good company!);
  • Greek on the Street - Greek food all summed up in one word "DELICIOUS!";
  • Owen Barry Handbags and Leather - all made in beautiful Somerset; 
  • This Works - their sleep spray gave me the best nights sleep for weeks;
  • Caudalie - who make a product called Divine Legs (tinted body lotion).
  • And many many more....

Sadly it's also goodbye to the Business Design Centre as, after 2 years, the event has outgrown the capacity of the demand for tickets! Next year the event moves dates (November 9th - 13th) and venues, to Olympia in Kensington.  

The final word....

I might have my feet up now but tomorrow will be back to the rewarding task of making Britains Legs beautiful one at a time! The prize draw is about to be announced so look out for the winners story in a future blog.  Meantime if you need inspiration for Christmas don't forget a Divine Legs hosiery subscription would make a great gift and keep you out of the dog house on a monthly basis!  But if hosiery isn't the only thing you need to buy, then check out the pop-ups from the Stylist Live where they are all listed.  

 P.S. Forgot to Mention....

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 About Us

Christine Nicholson, founder of Divine Legs, ultra comfortable, luxury hosiery

Divine Legs was founded with the sole aim of sourcing the most comfortable and best fitting tights and stockings and making it simple and easy for busy professional women to never have a day ruined by bad hosiery.

For additional information, contact us at hello@divinelegs.com or call on 020 8088 1966 – check out the Divine Legs collection at HERE

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