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How to Have the Best Valentines Day (whether you are in a couple or single!)

January 25, 2017

How to Have the Best Valentines Day (whether you are in a couple or single!)

It's nearly here - the day dreaded by many a singleton and embraced by those who are "smug coupled"!  Regardless of how your relationship status is at the moment, here are a few tips in how to make the most of it.


Valentines day for couples

When to do nothing.....

If you are in a happy relationship with someone, surely every day is Valentine’s Day?  Certainly in the early blossoming of romance every date can be like Valentine’s Day if you both shut out the rest of the world (and turn off your mobile devices) and focus on each other - slamming the bedroom door on the world and pretending you are in a Hollywood bodice ripper!  Don't feel the need to follow the herd and try and "make" Valentines Day more special than any other day of the year.

Don't Screw It Up!

So the first flush of romance might be a distant memory and you WANT to take advantage of the opportunity to make it special - which means a bit of effort!  Make plans early to avoid any last minute rush or disappointment. Trying to plan a special night out in a mad last minute rush means you won't end up doing anything special and you won't be in the right mood either.  And lest's face it, it happens on the same day every year so there is plenty of time to make a few advance plans.

Do Not Disturb!

love in a tech age

Switch off your phones, don't accept invites to other dinners / parties / the weekly poker game.  Just one night in 365 should be given over to just the two of you.  Remember time is the biggest luxury - its not about expensive gifts and the expensive restaurants it is about sharing quality time and sharing a meaningful experience.


It's just one of 365 days....

i hate this stupid day

If you don't have that "special" someone.  Remember, Valentines Day is just another day so make it a fun day.  Valentine’s Day sets so many expectations for the people who haven't met "the one" and it's easy to feel excluded from what they assume other people have. 

commercial anti valentines card

Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate LOVE, which comes in many forms every day of the year. So take the opportunity to share a smile with everyone you meet - you have no idea how much that might make a difference to someone who is truly alone.  Don't stop there, share some chocolates with the people who cross your path on an every day basis - you might see them every day and yet they have been strangers until now.  Go crazy and sing your favourite song at the bus stop or at the train station!  You will lighten everyone else's day and generate enormous goodwill into your own (one or two cynics will put you down as a "crazy" but thats their problem not yours!).

Love Yourself!

at least my cat loves me

“Treat yourself as if you were someone you loved.” Sounds mad but treating yourseIf as you would like to be treated is a great way to spend Valentine's Day - buy yourself your favourite flowers, enjoy your favourite dinner at home and invite your most loved friends (not the "smug couples" as they will have plans) and enjoy an evening of brotherly love, which has as much meaning and depth as romantic love (and is often longer lasting!).

Make A Conscious Effort to See Love in the World

love the world

As Anne Vitiello set out in her Huffington Post article in 2013  "Take a deep breath and send love out into the world. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to believe it is beautiful. Love it and find beauty in it anyway. You generate and exude energy; the world is stuck with you for now, so why not make an effort to have a positive impact?" - Wise words indeed.  We can't control a lot of things in the world but you can control your attitude, so choose "Love" on Valentines Day.

Give the Gift of Time to Someone 

never be lonely

Find a friend or relative or even acquaintance who knows someone in a nursing home and bring them flowers or a card, a magazine or other small gift. Simply sitting with them for an hour and listen , share  and support them will be appreciated because no matter how lonely or dejected you may feel today, you have a choice of being where ever you want to be and many elder people live incredibly lonely lives.  

Think of the Advantages....

phew that was close!

Here's just a few things you won't have to do (and can be grateful for!)

    1. You don’t have to fake interest in some “romantic gesture.”
    2. You don’t have to make last-ditch efforts to save a relationship
    3. Not having to spend money on useless crap or an overly expensive meal that will probably cost you a lot less tomorrow. 


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