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Do You Have Unsightly Cellulite?

September 20, 2016

Do You Have Unsightly Cellulite?

Do you wish you could find an easier way to get rid of your cellulite? 

Slim woman with cellulite - its not a weight issue

The bad news is cellulite is here to stay – most people have it.  Yes, even all those perfect-looking A-list celebrities!  


There is no cure, it’s not a disease.  And if you don’t have it now, you could still get it later in life unless you are the lucky minority. 


Cellulite is nothing more than the result of normal fat beneath the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker.  It’s actually perfectly normal!  As we age the body’s ability to produce collagen, which gives the connective tissue its elasticity, is diminished so the appearance of cellulite gets worse.

 Cellulite - how it affects the skin

It’s just a matter of losing weight isn’t it?


Having been a much larger lady in the past, I was dismayed that even though I am now slimmer, more active and leading a healthier lifestyle, I suffer from cellulite myself.  I had always thought that cellulite was a curse of being overweight – sadly not!  If you are like the many other busy, successful women I have spoken to then you are probably feeling the same way.  Are you fed up of trying expensive creams and beauty treatments that offered little or temporary relief?  You aren’t alone – its very frustrating.


Are you what you eat?

Drink plenty of water - it's natures elixir 

There are definitely benefits from eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water (that’s not just a cellulite benefit). However “doing a detox” won’t help as cellulite is not caused by toxins in the tissues – that’s a myth.   In fact most detox diets or supplements will do you little good whatever the issue you are addressing.  Simply eating balanced nutrition will give you all the health benefits you need for better skin and overall well-being.


So who are Divine Legs?


After a life time of haphazard hosiery, I set out on the journey in search of the perfect pairs of tights and stockings.  Having spoken to many busy, savvy, professionals I realised I was not alone.  Common hosiery buying habits seem to mean buying tights or stockings that don’t fit or, after one wash lost all their shape and leave you with baggy, wrinkly tights!  Even worse are the tights that seem to disintegrate the minute you put them on. Having been different sizes throughout my life I have always struggled to find tights or stockings that fit – and being short hasn’t helped.  What’s this got to do with cellulite I hear you ask? Well then in my search for comfort and perfect fit I quite accidentally discovered an amazing cellulite solution (as well as comfort and perfect fit – JOY!). 


Anti-Cellulite Tights,

Beauty Secret Weapon! 


I know, you are thinking, “it can’t be that simple”.  And if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I’d be sceptical too.  But you can get a boost in your fight against the appearance of cellulite with these new anti-cellulite Beauty tights. 

So here’s the science

Beauty tights are made from unique high-tech yarn that has particles of ceramic crystals melted into it.  This reflects the body’s own heat, which penetrates into deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells. The Beauty Tights beautify the appearance of the skin and are an effective secret weapon against dimpling and orange peel effect. 

Here's what our customers say:

Rachel Wigston, Fashion Blogger, Lancaster

"I was a little sceptic at first as I got them out the packaging, I didn’t think they’d fit me but once I tried them on, they felt completely right. I didn’t have any kind of sagging round the ankles etc. you normally get from wearing tights. I could instantly feel that these weren’t ordinary tights once they were on, they almost ‘hug’ my legs and feel very comfortable. As for the results, I did see a difference on my thighs, my skin seemed smoother and my cellulite has evened itself out. I’ve bought a number of different anti-cellulite products over the years and it certainly helps much more than anything else I’ve bought!
I was a little scared to wash these but they came out of the wash and dried pretty much back to the way they looked out of the packaging, I thought they might lose a bit of shape but there was none of that at all. I also discovered, these tights do not attract cat hair! Coming from an owner of a very affectionate cat, having a pair of tights that doesn’t grab hold of cat hair is a by-product that is a god send!


Emma Williams Busy Professional in Logistics, Northants

The tights did fit very well. The sizing is spot on. They are very comfortable and very nice against the skin. They did ‘suck everything in’ which was great and I immediately felt the difference in terms that my legs and thighs felt slimmer. I followed the instructions for washing and they did wash very well. 


Denise Simmons, Professional, Hosiery Lover, London

How wonderful when opening the box to find the product gift wrapped in a lovely crisp paper.  As for the item itself, well what can I say. The tights are just fantastic. Amazing quality and absolute luxury. Every feature described on the packet is correct.  I used to work in the fashion industry and have a good knowledge of hosiery. I can honestly say these tights are of a very high standard. With the impressive way the product is dispatched.”


Who would have guessed?  Of course you can help yourself with healthy eating and moderate gentle exercise.  Amplify that with Beauty Tights, which work while you wear them and regular wear gives the maximum effect so the more you use them the better you will look and feel. 

 Reveal your Inner Goddess

When I founded Divine Legs I wanted to make sure that it delivered “customer happiness” with first class customer service built into the DNA.  Discovering Anti-Cellulite Beauty Tights was the cherry on the cake.  A truly remarkable, well designed solution that delivers a new lease of confidence.  Women like you feel as empowered, beautiful, and fabulous as you really are. No more covering up when you should be revealing your Inner Goddess for the whole world to see.  Confidence is beauty written across your face – so get confident.



Head of Customer Happiness


Divine Legs delivers hassle-free hosiery, and puts a smile on the faces of busy, time-challenged women.


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